Take Brave Action:

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Join me March 28-30 when I'll lead you through taking simple, bold, brave action steps to move your writing career forward (even when it feels scary!)

Being a writer takes a lot of courage. From facing the blank page, to vulnerably sharing your early drafts with a critique group… from hitting “send” on that query letter to sending your published book out to reviewers… the entire creative process is filled with opportunities to flex your courage muscle and stretch yourself.

But you don’t have to do it alone!

You'll receive and email each day with a writing prompt, downloadable worksheets and videos, plus fun surprises for everyone who completes each day’s challenge! And the more you participate, the more chances you have to win the special prize package I'm curating to bring an extra dose of encouragement to your writing space!


Jump-Start Your Book

A Free 10-Day Email Course

So you want to write a book. But you can't seem to get started. Any of these sound familiar?

* With all the other responsibilities you juggle, it feels impossible to find time to write.  

* Your brain is bursting with ideas, and it's overwhelming to try to organize them into something cohesive.

* Your inspiration has dried up. Every time you sit down to write, you feel intimidated and blocked.

* You have a terrific idea for a book, but no idea where to begin.

* You've tried to write this book -- or other books -- before. But you always lose momentum partway through and give up. It's so discouraging.

You are not alone. All of these are common problems I've seen time and time again -- with my book coaching clients, with my writer friends, with authors I interview on my podcast.

Whether it's your first book or your tenth book or somewhere in between, every book project is different. YOU are in a different phase of life for every book you write. You cannot control exactly how the creative process will unfold. That's part of the fun -- the mystery -- the magic.

But you can control how you prepare for the marathon of writing a book. You can set yourself up for success. You can shift your mindset, spark your creativity, and find your groove.

This is exactly what you get in my free 10-day email course JUMP-START YOUR BOOK.

At the end of these ten days, you will feel energized, inspired, clear and focused about the book inside your heart.

Each daily assignment won't take long, I promise. You only need to set aside 15 minutes or so.

But tiny actions add up to big wins! By the end of this challenge, you will have laid a solid foundation to build your book upon. Let's get started!