In today's episode, I’m excited to interview my dear friend Courtney Caldwell. She is a writer across genres! She's a poet, a playwright, a novelist, a flash fiction writer. AND she has been with me for three rounds of Thriving Authors Academy!

Listen in to hear her experience going through Thriving Authors Academy and enjoy her calm, gentle presence as she shares:

  • What convinced her to join even though she already had so much going on in her life.
  • The challenges she had to overcome along the journey of getting her debut novel down on paper.
  • How going through Thriving Authors Academy has changed her.
  • And what the experience of being part of a community of writers was like.

If you're struggling with many different ideas or projects that you haven't been able to complete, or maybe you're wondering about what it's like to be empowered as part of a writing community, I think this conversation is exactly what you need to hear!

AND if you are ready to be part of a community of writers, there’s still time to join this round of the Thriving Authors Academy that begins April 8th. You’ll receive small-group coaching calls with me, small-group writing workshops for you to get feedback from others, virtual coworking sessions for you to write within the energy of a nurturing creative community, simple + foundational lessons about writing, editing, publishing and marketing your book, and more! Find more details at