In this episode, I had a delightful conversation with speaker and author Lelia Gowland about what planted the seed to her publishing a book and how her writing and ideas evolved along the journey.

She shared some really insightful advice about authenticity, especially in regards to being a writer and also:

  • How a gap in the market was a motivator for her in actually bringing her book to fruition.
  • A valuable piece of feedback that encouraged her to write as her authentic self.
  • Her shift from writing policy briefings that were devoid of voice to a very conversational tone.
  • What she does when the inevitable imposter syndrome shows up.

If you could use some inspiration and guidance on being true to yourself while also connecting with your audience, then I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.

About Lelia:

Lelia is a sought after speaker and writer on authenticity, compassion and connection. Fortune 500 companies and professional associations from across North America regularly hire Lelia to support their teams. Described as the confidence fairy godmother we all need, Lelia has delighted audiences ranging from auto care and health care workers to cocktail connoisseurs to women in roofing. In addition to her much loved weekly newsletter, Lelia has written over 150 articles in national publications, including Huffington Post, Forbes and Harper's Bazaar. Her book, You Got This: The Ultimate Negotiation Guide for Professional Women, provides a fresh and instantly applicable toolkit for anyone ready to develop their own authentic voice in negotiation.