In this episode, I had an incredible conversation with LaCresia Arnold about how she came to to adopt the important mission of empowering other women to own their journey, honor their voice and be more verbal about their lived experiences.

It was beautiful to hear LaCresia share her transformational journey of learning to give to others by first giving to herself.

LaCresia also dove into:

  • How she went from peacekeeper to peacemaker and what the distinction is.
  • The shifts that she’s experienced and witnessed in other women when they have a safe and supportive community to share their stories.
  • How you can honor your truth as a writer, business owner, wife, mother, daughter, and human being.
  • The way she helps other women to bravely share their voices and their stories.

She shared so many gems and was such a source of light, I think you’ll really enjoy listening – and even relistening – to her mantras and self-reflection prompts.

About LaCresia:

LaCresia is a native Illinoisan and passionate about helping women own their stories. Through her upstart community OneEighty she creates safe spaces for women to share their life experiences. She passionately believes that when we share our stories of triumph, pain, and victory countless lives are changed and transformed. Connect with her on IG at one_eighty__