In today's solo episode, I’m talking about ways to create a writing routine that actually fits into your life – even if this is a busy season for you and things are hectic.

If writing is something that you keep telling yourself you're going to carve out time to do, but it just seems to always slip away with other more urgent tasks that take up your time, then this episode is for you!

I share:

  • The benefits to blocking even 10 -15 minute increments of writing in your calendar.
  • What aspects of your life to consider when creating a writing routine.
  • The first step to take to create your new writing habit.
  • Ideas and examples that clients – and myself – have found success with to make writing time something to look forward to rather than it feeling like just another task.

I’m excited for you to experience the joy and ease that a writing routine can bring and the incredible progress that you can make to really move forward on your book!

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