In today's solo episode, I’m sharing four simple ways that I use paper in my writing process.  I’ve found that using pen and paper (or markers and crayons) – basically anything tactile and non-digital – can do wonders for our creative energy, bring more joy and fun to our writing practice, and ultimately make us better writers.

You’ll hear:

  • How I sometimes use crayons in my brainstorming process.
  • The different parts of the writing process that have me turning to blank pages and index cards.
  • How a piece of poster board helped a client own her identity as an author and claim to the world that she was working on a book.
  • What can happen when you have a new view and flexible way to interact with your book.

I hope one of these ideas resonate with you or will spark a new idea for you. And if they do please share because I’d love to hear!

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