In today's episode, I’m talking with Emma Louise Parkes, host of an amazing podcast called The Ambitious Introvert, about how to market your book as an introvert.

So many writers (myself included!) are introverts, and it can seem so draining to think about getting out there and marketing ourselves and our books. But we all know that promotion is important for the success of our book launches. How do we balance these two opposing goals?

Emma-Louise to the rescue! She shares:

  • How to protect your energy as an introvert while still creating a wildly successful marketing plan for your book.
  • Ways to streamline your marketing so you’re not doing extra but you are authentically connecting with your audience.
  • Tips for what to do immediately after a launch to reset our brain and allow our nervous system to gently calm down.

You will LOVE her genius tips for using different stages of writing & launching your book in your marketing & promotion!

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About Emma-Louise: She is a business and mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths, and HSPs. She’s also the host of the award winning podcast, The Ambitious Introvert®. Having built her six-figure brand in under three years without previous business experience, Emma-Louise is proof that when you take aligned action, you can scale your business with ease and speed. Emma-Louise’s mission is to help her clients embrace their ambitious introvert nature, stay in their zone of genius, and impact more people with their profitable, purpose-driven businesses. You can find her at or inside her free Facebook group, The Ambitious Introvert® Network, where she empowers her community of smart, sensitive entrepreneurs.