In today's episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m thrilled to present the inaugural Celine Aziz Legacy Award to my dear friend and coach, Anna Rapp, whose wonderful book, The 20K Freedom Fund was released earlier this year. The award is in honor of my amazing friend Celine who tragically passed away in a car accident at the age of 26. I miss her every single day, but she really lives on in my life and in the lives of all of those who knew her and who loved her.

I will be awarding this every year during the summit to a woman who I feel really embodies going after what she wants with boldness and bravery in a way that is authentic and empowers other women. A woman who has written and published a book that creates a ripple effect and continues the legacy of building up other women.

Anna inspires other women to go after their dreams and step into that person they want to be. She explains how building a financial cushion gives you so much stability and freedom and shares affirmations to create safety so you can be brave and vulnerable as you put your story out into the world.

In our conversation she shares:

  • How she was able to help people change their behavior by changing their language.
  • The ripples that she’s already seen from bravely sharing her story and putting her book out in the world.
  • Affirmations that can help you create the safety you need to be vulnerable with your story.
  • The hardest part for her along her book writing journey and how she was able to move through it.

I hope this episode encourages you to consider your legacy and pursue your dreams, own your voice and speak your truth to continue the beautiful ripple effect inspired by my friend.

About Anna:

Anna Rapp is a Business Mentor + Mindset Coach, mama to two and founder of the Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast and Community. Anna lives in San Diego and helps women create six figure success on PT hours with HEART so they can create financial stability to live their boring, happy dream life with the people they love. You can find Anna on Instagram @heartcentered.entrepreneur.