In today's solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m sharing a sneak peek of the curriculum from week 7 of Thriving Authors Academy about how to boost your writing power.

Beyond my mentorship and the community in Thriving Authors Academy, you also receive video lessons and a printed workbook where I distill down the most essential lessons about writing, editing, publishing and marketing your book! So today you’ll get to hear a bit of my teaching style!

I’m diving into:

  • What is scene vs. what is summary.
  • Finding your strengths and developing your natural gifts as a writer.
  • How you can really hook your reader and grab their attention.
  • The counterintuitive way to make your story more relatable to all readers.
  • How to write a book that sticks with your reader long after they’ve turned the final page.

What would it mean for YOUR writing life to have a weekly video lesson just like this delivered straight to your inbox every week? Along with a printed workbook that you can follow along with and actually write out all of these exercises to help you not only write your book, but write the best book possible?

Then I would love to invite you to join me in Thriving Authors Academy. I’ll help you feel inspired and empowered throughout the creative process, from first seed of an idea to finished manuscript… and then polished manuscript… and then beautiful published book with your name on the cover. This round goes from October 7, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Find out more at