In this solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m excited to share what has helped me write my back cover and my longer book descriptions. I even give an example of the description from my new book coming out this December called “Your Book Matters: 52 love notes from my creative heart to yours.”

On the surface, writing your book description seems pretty simple…but it is super common to struggle with this task because you need to condense so much into a short space! To write a compelling book description, you need to 1) give the reader a sense of what your book is about; 2) introduce the reader to your own authentic voice and style; 3) sell your book; 4) grab the reader’s attention and leave them wanting more!

I dive into:

  • The distinction between your book description and your back cover description.
  • Some exercises that are really helpful with taking away the pressure and stress of writing the description of your book.
  • Why I recommend writing your book description before you reach the end of your manuscript.
  • How to grab the reader’s attention in your book description.
  • A little trick I use to hone in on how to write to the ideal reader of your book.

Curious to see the full description of my soon-to-be-released book – and the differences between the longer description for the sales page and the shorter description for the back cover? I’m sharing this little behind-the-scenes peek with my book launch team so I invite you to join the launch team here: 📖 🚀

I also welcome you to come join me in my Women Entrepreneurs Becoming Best Selling Authors Facebook group and share YOUR book description so we can cheer you on and share feedback!