In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, it was such a delight to talk with Cambria Williams about her debut novel, THE BEFALLEN, and her writing journey. 

If you are working on a novel of your own and maybe you are in the querying trenches or maybe you're in the muddy middle of your book, I think you will find Cambria's story inspiring and filled with hope to remind you to keep going.

She shares:

  • What got her into writing in the first place.
  • How a text about writing a practice novel gave her momentum and allowed the words to just pour out of her.
  • The reason she changed her novel from a single point of view to featuring two different perspectives.
  • The rewards that can come from being okay with the word no.

About Cambria: 

Cambria Williams believes that storytelling is a collective experience that is both limitless and timeless in its transformative nature. Cambria writes fantasy fiction that emphasizes the magic of hope. She is the author of THE BEFALLEN, her debut dark fantasy novel, released in August 2023. She loves traveling, reading, and taking walks with her husband and dog. Cambria has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and lives in Utah. To learn more about Cambria, find her on Instagram, Facebook, or her website:

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