In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m talking with money mentor and writing coach Katy Almstrom about writing a better money story – something especially important for us entrepreneurs and creatives!

Ready to reach your money goals? Or feel like you’re not a numbers person? This is such an encouraging episode to listen to!

Katy shares insights on what entrepreneurs need to know to manage their money in each season of business, not only so you can plan ahead but so you can build a healthy relationship with money. She also provides practical ideas to simplify your money habits and create more consistency with irregular income.

And pssst: so much of what Katy talks about parallels the writing journey! So be prepared to be inspired with tips to implement in your creative life, too!

Speaking of writing and money… I’m hosting a writing contest with cash prizes! Inspired by my novel Before and After You and Me that comes out May 7th, the prompt is to write about a time that split your life into "before" and "after." This could have been a huge, life-altering event, or it could have been something small that changed your internal landscape. It could be beautiful or painful, joyful or devastating, or any combination of emotion. It could have been something you noticed at the time, or only recognized looking back, years later.

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About Katy:
Katy is a leading money mentor and wealth coach, a teacher and speaker who works with ambitious women who are ready to steward their money in their business and life by creating a sustainable strategy, simplify their process, and build limitless confidence in their money habits and behaviors. With over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching combined with her own debt-free entrepreneurial journey and simplified life, Katy provides a unique service for her clients to help them slow down, map out their own joyful wealth-building journey, and create a life that has WAY less stress around money. Connect with her on Instagram at @katy_almstrom