In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m sharing a conversation that I had on Instagram Live with my friend Tara K. Ross, who is an amazing author and podcast host. She read an early copy of my book BEFORE & AFTER YOU & ME, which is now officially available, and we chatted a few days before publication to talk about my book.

We talk about:

  • The journey from first draft to publication.
  • What inside this book stemmed from real life.
  • The inspiration behind the characters.
  • What genres the book falls into.
  • Why I chose to tell this story in a very unique structure.

We also talked about the process of getting feedback and choosing what to integrate and what to let go of. I think you’ll find that piece helpful as you journey through your creative projects!

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About Tara:
Tara K. Ross lives with her husband, two daughters, and rescued fur-babies in the artisanal town of Eden Mills, Ontario. She works as a school speech-language pathologist and mentors new and emerging creatives. When Tara is not writing or reading, you can find her rock climbing the Ontario escarpment, interviewing authors for The Hope Prose Podcast, or blogging at FADE TO WHITE is her debut novel.