I have a solo episode coming at you today, where we talk about ways to transition in and out of your writing time. 


My 3-year-old has a hard time with transitions – getting in and out of her car seat, stopping play to come up for dinner, going from inside to outside, etc – and it struck me that transitions can be tough for all of us. 


Transitions are emotional and uncertain. We don’t know what is waiting for us on the other side. So resistance, fears and doubts often pop up around transition.


Transitioning into our writing time – or, more specifically, the discomfort of this transition – is often what holds us back from hitting our writing goals. It is so common to feel that discomfort and give up for the day. When really, what you might need is to build in some simple transitional cues for yourself to help you ease into the creative process.


I’ve got lots of ideas for you on the podcast this week! Plus a free checklist you can download for an inspiring writing session. (Just DM me and I’ll send it your way!)