In today’s episode, I spoke with trauma-informed, certified life and success coach and clinical hypnotherapist professor Megan Kuhar.

In my fascinating conversation with Megan, she teaches how your subconscious mind will help you overcome stress, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome in the creative process. If you have ever wished that you could find answers to writer’s block or plot holes in your dreams – it IS possible!

Megan also explains a simple way to begin dreaming answers to your struggles. She certainly inspired me to bust out my old dream journal and begin jotting down my dreams again!

About Megan:

Megan Kuhar is a trauma-informed Certified Life + Success Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, professor at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music, and a marketing and technology specialist. Over her career she noticed the common frustrations that creatives face when it comes to building their business. Her aim is to help creatives get at the root cause of their entrepreneurial struggles through subconscious healing and thought-provoking coaching questions, while also providing tips that are helpful and easy to apply. Connect with her at or on Instagram at @megankuhar.