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You want to write a book. It’s a calling, a whisper, an ache deep in your bones.

But life is full. You’re busy juggling your career, your family, your friends. There never seems to be enough time.

And when you do sit down to write? You freeze up. Imagining people reading your words makes you self-conscious. Who are you to think you can write a book? Why would anyone care what you have to say? What if people don’t like your story?

Dear one, you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. And please don’t give up. One thing I know deep in my bones is that you have an important story to share. There is no one else in the entire world who could write the book inside of you.

I wish we could sit down together over chai tea lattes at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop and chat for hours about writing. This book, I hope, is the next-best thing. I wrote these 52 missives to be a companion for you to make your book-birthing journey easier. Part reflective journal, part motivational cheerleader, part accountability guide, Your Book Matters will give you a little burst of inspiration every week of the year, so that you can feel supported as you go through the natural ups and downs of the creative process.

Come, take my hand. You don’t have to do this alone. Use this book… to help you write your book!

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Dallas is like magic. I wish I could put her in my pocket and carry her everywhere I go. Now with this book... I can!”

Greta Woolley, author of S.O.S.: Survival Guide for Teachers, Old and New

Dallas is a marvel. Her inspiring and gentle nature has given me the gift of confidence.”

Rose Hayden-Smith, author of Sowing the Seeds of Victory

Dallas helps women put a line in the sand and say, Yes, there’s always the clients and the emails and all my other responsibilities, but it’s safe for me to take time and work on a book, which is a bigger part of what I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Without Dallas, my book wouldn’t be here today."

Anna Rapp, founder of The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur and best-selling author of $20K Freedom Fund

Dallas was my cheerleader and my encourager on days when I felt like I had nothing to say. She encouraged and affirmed me. It is so powerful to have someone who walks alongside you through the process, clear through to the end.”

Melinda Rangel, author of Iron Sharpens Iron

What I love most about Dallas is that she is a unique combination of positivity and knowledge, which results in the experience of being guided along the writing path with phenomenal compassion and expertise. She’s the perfect writing doula.”

Audrey Maguire

This book is worth 5 stars and every penny spent. To have an empathetic coach cheering me on as a writer, to share a cup of good coffee with as I read a weekly entry (and re-read every day I need the encouragement) is a win! While I take the affirmations to heart and will write out each one for my writing space that week, I especially love the anecdotes. Who knew waiting for a train, creating a narrative about a missing box, and a ‘frightening’ bundt cake could all help me imagine Dallas sitting with me, laughing about life and writing. It is so clear that Your Book Matters to Dallas, and I recommend this treasure to all writers."

Susan (Saja Juarez) Miller

Dallas is not only incredibly knowledgeable, she also has a warmth and empathy that makes her an incredible coach. Knowing that she’s rooting for me has made all of the difference to my writing, and to my identity as a writer, and I can’t wait until I can one day send her my finished book."

Stacey Siebritz

Dallas is a most supportive and reassuring coach. Her nickname of the Book Doula is so very appropriate. Her non-judgmental and encouraging words made the difference for me.”

Olive Mazerolle

Dallas is incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. My biggest takeaway is that I deserve to take my writing practice and dreams seriously.”

Ashley Gigous

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