In this solo episode, I’m celebrating a very special milestone – 100 episodes! I have gleaned so much from the process of creating this podcast and doing 100 episodes and I’ve narrowed them down into ten lessons that I want to share with you!

These lessons are super relevant to writing, to creativity, and to any big dream that you have that you might be pursuing.

Listen in as I share what I learned about:

  • Why we shouldn’t ignore, push away, or procrastinate on our dreams.
  • How we can live in integrity and become attuned to our fullest and deepest selves.
  • What the creative process is really like behind-the-scenes.
  • Continuing to grow and learn new things as an adult.
  • And so much more!!!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate 100 episodes than to get some more reviews for the Thriving Authors Podcast! Just search for the podcast on Apple or wherever you listen to podcasts, and write a review. Even just one sentence is awesome! It would mean so, so much to me and it is such a great way to help other people find the podcast as well. 

And after you write a review, send a screenshot to me and I’ll send you a special surprise gift. You'll also be entered to win a free 45-minute session with me – a one-on-one call where we can talk about your writing, any questions that you're having about writing or publishing, or anything on your heart. The drawing for the winner of the free session will be at the end of February so leave your review as soon as you have a minute <3

If you’d like a PDF of the ten lessons I share in this episode send me an email at and I’ll send that right along!