In today’s episode, I am excited to interview Life Coach Nicole Baker! Nicole shares actionable tips you can implement TODAY to help you 1) notice the sneaky ways that perfectionism comes up in the writing process and 2) overcome perfectionism in these moments to get back into the juicy flow of creativity.

Nicole Baker is a Coach who helps high achievers ditch perfectionism, cut the hustle and start achieving goals with fun and fulfillment. Having grown up in a family immersed in the personal development world, she has been attending seminars and absorbing personal growth tools her whole life and she has since helped hundreds of perfectionists accomplish goals ranging from starting their own businesses to finishing a half marathon. She has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Voyage Denver, The Self Helpless Podcast and The Mighty plus is the CEO of Life Coach Baker LLC and the host of The Life Coach Baker Podcast. Connect with Nicole on Instagram: