In today's episode, it was such a treat to interview Stephanie Cotta whose debut Young Adult Fantasy book, The Conjurer's Curse, was recently released!!

It was really interesting to hear how real events in her life, and in the world, inspired her fantasy books. So if you are interested in writing fantasy, I think this conversation is going to be especially useful for you.

We chatted about world building as a fantasy author as well as:

  • Where to find inspiration and ideas.
  • How she sets the ambiance for her writing sessions.
  • Her simple advice to people who are wanting to write a book.
  • What she does when she gets writer's block and more!

She shared so much good advice! Congratulations to Stephanie on her debut book!

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Cotta hails from beautiful Southern Oregon and resides in a quaint, historic mining town. Growing up, she spent much of her time delving into every new Star Wars book she could get her hands on, which all began at age nine when she bought The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton at a garage sale for a quarter. Her love of Star Wars and Sci-Fi/fantasy has been undying ever since. A fine arts major in college, she first embarked into the literary world as a children’s book illustrator, then leapt over to the realm of storytelling when she could no longer repress the urge to write the fantasy stories running wild in her imagination. When she’s not steeped in writing, she’s launching arrows at hay bales, drawing with pastels, reading fantasy, playing an immersive RPG, or watching the latest BBC historical drama. You can connect with Stephanie and find her book at