In this solo episode, I’m sharing a little love note from my heart to yours. I’m also reflecting on my daughter's namesake, my Grandma Auden, and how so many of us have no idea how far our legacies extend, the ripples that we create, the ways that we touch other people's lives.

I touch on:

  • Why being a book coach is so important to me.
  • How I’m trying to show my children the power of building a life around my creative energy. 
  • The huge shift that happens when we start to put ourselves, put our joy, put our creativity first in our lives.
  • What feedback I received from people in my Facebook community and on my newsletter list that helped me create a new program.

And if you’re looking to write a book as part of your legacy, I hope you’re as excited as I am to hear me explain my new program called Your Book Roadmap happening this summer over the course of 8 weeks. It will just be a small group with limited spots. 

So if you need a plan and someone (me!) to guide you so that you can really see yourself as an author – and have the first chapter of your book DONE – then grab your spot! Register before May 5th so you get $100 off. Find all the details HERE or send me an email at