In today's solo episode, I’m pulling back the curtain around what I do as a book coach and sharing three reasons why having a book coach is a game-changer in getting your book written.

You’ll hear about:

  • The hardest part of writing your book and how I will help you move through it.
  • The amazing shifts that happen when you have clarity on your writing project.
  • Who the biggest enemy is when it comes to writing a book and how I support my clients with this.
  • How my new program will set you up for continued success and why I structured it the way I did.

I hope this episode gives you a sense of what a book coach is, what I do with my clients and how a book coach can really help you move forward in your journey.

And remember, your book is a whole new beginning in many ways. It's the first step of a really exciting new chapter for yourself, for your business, for your authority and your expertise. It creates so many ripples and you have no idea how far those ripples will go!

Ready to see what ripples your book creates? Join my new program, Your Book Roadmap, and by the end of our eight weeks together you’ll truly see yourself as an author. You’ll have the first chapter of your book DONE and all the momentum you need to continue! It’s a small group with limited spots so grab yours today at