In today's solo episode, I’m reflecting on a magical night I had last week at my author event at Banter Bookshop. I've published three books in the last three years, but this was my first in-person book event because of the pandemic and pregnancy, and it was amazing to be in conversation and celebrating my books out in the world.

I share:

  • My personal transformation along my writing journey and some examples from my clients.
  • What to remember when a vision for your life feels impossible.
  • How connecting to readers through your book can grow your business.
  • The first thing Kate Northrup said recently when introducing herself, when she could have focused on her successful company and coaching business.
  • How committing to something can shift your identity.

I cannot wait for you to have a night like I had on Tuesday. A night where you are celebrating your book, signing your book, connecting with your readers. So for those of you who have that little voice in your head, that little inkling in your heart, to write your book… I encourage you to commit to it and to get started now! 

If now is indeed the time, I’d love for you to join me this summer in my brand-new 8-week program Your Book Roadmap that will help you unlock your AUTHORity & step into your full creative powers. This is a super-affordable way to work with me in a magical high-touch supportive container. You'll finish with a full outline, your first chapter done, and a solid writing routine that fits into your busy life & schedule. Register at