In today's solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I address the common misconception that writing a book will take a lot of time – time away from your business and other money making actions that seem more urgent.

Spoiler alert: I think that the opposite is true! I believe that writing your book is one of the biggest gifts to your business and one of the best things you can do to increase efficiency and productivity and save time in your business.

You’ll hear me share reasons and examples why I think this, including:

  • How to avoid spending all our time putting out fires of day-to-day business and client tasks.
  • The simple way writing a book allows you to schedule your CEO time on a consistent basis and actually stay committed to it.
  • The mindset shifts that I and my clients have experienced that have helped us to grow into the next level in life and business.
  • The importance of creating an enduring content bank and the strategy I use for organizing content so it’s easy to find and keep track of.

After listening I think you’ll agree that writing a book is the most efficient time-saving gift for your business!

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