In this solo episode, I’m talking about what I call Overflowing Ideas Syndrome. It’s when you have so many ideas that it's really hard to commit to one idea and easy to get distracted.

This will be a great episode for you if you have a bunch of half-finished manuscripts, but you don't have a completed book!

I delve into:

  • Why nothing is wrong with you and how you can reframe this into a strength.
  • Tools that will help you focus your energy on one idea at a time.
  • The importance of tuning in to the book YOU most want to write.
  • What happens when you pay attention to what gives you energy and excites you.
  • Journaling prompts that you can use whenever you need to find clarity about what direction to go in.

After listening, I think you’ll understand why it's really common to get distracted by shiny new ideas and to abandon projects halfway – and how joining a container of support with a writing community and working with a coach can help you stay accountable to finishing your book.

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