In today's episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m talking with Miriam Ilgenfritz, a wonderful author who also happens to be a client of mine! It was such a treat to chat with her about her books, her writing journey and a bit about her experience as being part of Thriving Authors Academy.

I think you'll find our conversation inspiring if you have a book inside of you as well.

Miriam shared how she:

  • Avoids getting distracted by research while writing historical fiction.
  • Makes time to write despite everything she has going on as a wife, mom of 16 kids, and tending to her farm.
  • Pursues writing in multiple genres.
  • Moves past comparison and feeling stuck when writing.

After listening, if you’re ready to get YOUR story out into the world, then I invite you to join me in Thriving Authors Academy. I’ll help you feel inspired and empowered throughout the creative process, from first seed of an idea to finished manuscript… and then polished manuscript… and then beautiful published book with your name on the cover. This round goes from October 7, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Find out more at

About Miriam:

Miriam Ilgenfritz lives on a farm established before the Revolutionary War, on one side of a mountain in Dornsife, Pennsylvania. Her house is 170 years old and sometimes living in it feels that way. She and her husband Mark have raised 16 kids in this house, but since they live in Amish country she doesn’t stand out all that much at the grocery store. The kids turned out pretty well, considering that they didn’t have rooms of their own or expensive summer camps, and most have now gone off to do interesting things with their lives. Her latest release is a novel called Emily's Story. You can connect with her at