In today's episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m delighted to be talking with author Margo Candela about her writing journey and The Neapolitan Sisters, her fifth novel and her first after a decade-long hiatus from writing.

Margo has some wonderful tips and advice to share, including:

  • What she pulled from her training as a journalist that has really helped her in her writing life.
  • Why she doesn’t think she’s realized her full potential yet.
  • How thinking purely creatively felt like a huge indulgence for her.
  • The deliberate choices she makes when structuring her stories.
  • How she was able to set aside her own bias against one of her own characters and eventually grow compassion for her.
  • And so many more nuggets of wisdom!

There are lessons here for all of us, no matter what type of writer you are or where you are in your writing journey. Enjoy the conversation!

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About Margo:

Margo Candela was born and raised in Los Angeles and began her writing career when she joined Glendale Community College’s student newspaper. She transferred to San Francisco State University as a journalism major, and upon graduation began writing for websites and magazines before writing her first two novels, Underneath It All and Life Over Easy. She returned to Los Angeles to raise her son and wrote More Than This and Good-bye to All That. The Neapolitan Sisters is her fifth novel and her first after a decade-long hiatus from writing. She now lives in San Francisco. Learn more at