In this solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m reading an excerpt from my new book, Your Book Matters: 52 love notes from my creative heart to yours. I’m also sharing some rituals and reflections that will be helpful as you think about your intentions for 2024 and your wins from the past year.

Listen in as I dive into:

  • The importance of giving yourself full credit for what you DID do.
  • How unrealistic expectations turn into toxic patterns.
  • An invitation for you to dig in deeper to any resistance you’re feeling around your creative project.
  • Specific questions to journal on as you close out one chapter of your life and enter another.
  • How celebrating both tangible wins and intangible wins has helped my clients.

My hope for you is that you enter into the new year with fresh motivation and energy around your book!

If you could use some extra motivation and encouragement throughout next year, I invite you to purchase a copy of my book, Your Book Matters. It will cheer you on as you move forward on your writing journey over this next year.

Every single week, you get a little love note from me to you and there's also space for you to reflect on your wins from the past week and set an intention for the week ahead. This is such a game changer in celebrating ourselves, giving ourselves credit for our wins, actually recognizing and acknowledging all that we have done, and also giving us clarity and purpose moving forward. Grab it on Amazon as an e-book or paperback.