In this solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m diving into all the moving pieces involved in self-publishing and giving you a checklist of what needs to get done before your book hits the shelves. 

By following this timeline, you’ll give yourself enough time so that it's not a stressful process, but instead, it’s a really fun and fulfilling and exciting process!

I share:

  • What you need to have done first, before moving your book into the production timeline.
  • When to choose your cover designer and your interior book designer and what’s involved in that process.
  • Why to consider having a book launch team and how you can involve them.
  • The importance of pre-orders and early reviews – along with ideas for pre-order bonuses.
  • Considerations for how you’re going to showcase your book.

After listening, if you decide you don't want to worry about getting all the moving pieces coordinated and getting your book up on Amazon, you’re in luck. I have a Book Publishing Package where I can handle that all for you. Just reach out!

And I’m excited for the new virtual book club, Thriving Authors Book Club, where every month we're going to focus on a wonderful book written by one of my clients or myself. For January we will be reading YOUR BOOK MATTERS. Message me for details because I’d love for you to join us!

>> Here’s the PDF << you can download to stay organized and on top of things as you release your book out into the world.

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