In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, it was so wonderful to talk with writer Leigh Shulman who shared so many beautiful gems during her summit talk “Why Rejection is Your Best Friend.”

And because rejection is something that EVERY writer experiences, I think it's important to highlight a couple mindset shifts that she brought up, including:

  • How rejection can actually be a positive force in your life. 
  • Ways to strengthen your mindset so rejection doesn’t hurt (as much!)
  • A reframe that can open new opportunities and help you learn the purpose of your work.

Leigh’s insights are so powerful. While she understands it doesn’t feel good to be rejected, she shared, “There's a difference between ‘I'm disappointed’ and ‘I'm no good.’” 

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About Leigh: 

Leigh Shulman is a writer and mentor living in Argentina. She founded the Inspired Writer Community for women writers to success through mentorship and mindset coaching. Her international writing retreats and website are among The Write Life’s top resources for writers. Her work appears in Guernica, The Washington Post, Longreads among others. Connect with her on Instagram at @theleighshulman