In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m talking with Amy Michelle Carpenter, publisher of Monster Publishing and author of several science fiction books. I love that she’s able to come at this conversation from both the publisher’s side and also from the author’s side.

Amy shares:

  • Her thoughts about what publishers love to see authors do in their query letters and social posts.
  • The various steps publishers take to help authors get a book from manuscript to published book on the shelf – and how they create buzz to make it a success.
  • A glimpse inside stages of editing that happen once you sign a contract.
  • How you can set yourself up for success when approaching publishers.

I think you’ll gain so much insight about how you can be the best partner possible when working with a publisher!

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About Amy:

Amy Michelle Carpenter is the publisher of Monster Ivy Publishing, a company of award-winning, bestselling book titles. Monster Ivy emphasizes "edgy, clean" fiction with a PG13 or less rating. The Kiss List was filmed as a movie by Marvista starring Megan Suri (Never Have I Ever) and Parminder Nagra (ER). In her personal life, Michelle received her Masters from Western Colorado University where she studied directly under NYT bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, and she is the author of several YA science fiction books. Connect with Amy on Instagram at @monsterivypublishing