In this episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I’m talking with my wonderful friend Greta Woolley about her incredible book “S.O.S.: Survival Guide for Teachers, Old and New”. I was honored to be able to support her in writing this book over the course of my 8-week writing program Your Book Roadmap.

It was really so beautiful and incredible for me to witness and journey with her as this book poured out of her!

Greta shares:

  • How she knew she was ready to write her book and how it wasn’t the spectacular moment she thought it would be.
  • The challenges she went through during her writing process and what kept her going.
  • Her favorite writing exercise to implement when she was worrying about her book.
  • What she feels and how she’s different now that her book is out in the world.

I think you’ll be inspired by this conversation and what you can do when you allow yourself to be supported along your writing journey.

About Greta:

Greta Woolley is a behavior specialist at Miles Elementary, where she walks alongside students, families, and educators to create needs-fulfilling environments that positively support academic achievement while growing students’ social and emotional competence. She has spent the past 35 years working as a front-line teacher in the trenches for both general and exceptional student education settings, as a District Trainer, ESE Specialist, Instructional Mentor, and Site-Based Behavior Specialist. Woolley examines the relationship between your “head and your heart” with the firm belief that they must be synchronized for maximum learning to occur. She also models the power of self-examination and reflection necessary for teachers to always remain in an upward trajectory of growth and improvement. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband Chris and two daughters, Julia and Jaclyn. Connect with her on Instagram @themindfulmentor_