In this solo episode of the Thriving Authors Podcast, I'm sharing my best tips for entering writing contests!


  • How to approach entering contests from a place of freedom, joy and non-attachment.
  • Ways to move past the doubts you have about your work so that you can go for it anyway.
  • When the best time to celebrate is!
  • Ideas for how to keep track of the contests you enter. 
  • What you need to know before you enter the contest.

I hope that this information gets you excited to enter writing contents in a way that feels good!!

And I encourage you to flex that writing muscle and enter the writing contest that I’m hosting! It’s inspired by my novel Before and After You and Me that comes out May 7th. The prompt is to write about a time that split your life into "before" and "after." This could have been a huge, life-altering event, or it could have been something small that changed your internal landscape. It could be beautiful or painful, joyful or devastating, or any combination of emotion. It could have been something you noticed at the time, or only recognized looking back, years later.

Find the complete details here: