For this week’s episode, I had such a lovely time chatting with my friend Risa Nyman about her fascinating origin story of how she began writing kid lit. We share the wonderful publisher Immortal Works and I am a big fan of Risa’s middle-grade novels Swallowed by a Secret and Spooked by a Suspicion. (And I’m not the only one – both novels have won prestigious awards!)

If you have ever wondered how to authentically tap into a child’s voice when writing for young audiences, you definitely want to listen in and soak up Risa’s wisdom. She also talks about what a “stand-alone sequel” means – a term I had never heard before our conversation. Hope you enjoy this episode and, as always, I would love to hear your thoughts!

About Risa:

Risa Nyman was born and lived in Boston until a move to the Ocean State two years ago. She proudly carries her Boston accent with her wherever she goes. Risa’s deep dive into creative writing started after finding three pennies in a neat stack on a windowsill in a completely empty apartment that belonged to her mother. She assumed those pennies were a message that it wasn’t too late to follow her dream.

After taking classes, attending workshops, and conferences, Risa found her writing voice in middle grade fiction. She is the author of the award-winning novels SWALLOWED BY A SECRET and SPOOKED BY A SUSPICION. When not writing, you might find Risa reading, exercising, or doing therapeutic ironing (yes, there is such a thing.) Connect with her at