I have a special episode for you today where I sat down with my dear friend & client Brianna Wilkerson to chat about her experience being part of Thriving Authors Academy!

  • What does it take to bring a book from idea or concept, to rough draft, to edited manuscript that is ready for readers?
  • How do you know if you are ready to invest the time and energy into writing your book? What if you’re not sure that you’re “worth” it?
  • Why is it so important to have support through the book-writing process?

Bri and I spoke about her journey writing and editing her forthcoming nonfiction book. Bri has this radiant energy and beautiful wisdom that is such a gift to everyone around her.

Especially if you are struggling with mindset blocks around writing your book or doubts about whether the investment will be worth it, you don't want to miss this conversation. <3

​​About Brianna:

Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health and Life Coach, Essential Oils Advocate with doTERRA, podcast host, wife and momma, matcha tea lover, and at-home crossfitter. She helps women find peace with food, create healthy habits, and use natural essential oil-based products so they can feel better, have more energy, and take care of themselves and those they love.