In today’s episode, I spoke with my dear friend and former client Elaine Clark Aldrete. She’s the founder of Teaching Life Choices Inc & author of the debut middle-grade novel G-R-E-E-N-E.

It was such an interesting conversation that included:

  • How a rumor at her grandson’s high school inspired her to write her novel.
  • What her writing process looked like on a daily basis.
  • The differences between writing a children's book and then tackling a full-length novel that's much longer and includes many different characters.

She also shared what it was like being part of my Thriving Authors program and being part of a community of other writers who are also working on books!

About Elaine:
Elaine Clark Aldrete was born in New Hampshire, lived for many years in California, and currently resides in Arizona. A dedicated mother, wife, businessperson, and instructor, she served as a board director for the nonprofits Diabetes Explorer Educational Foundation, Inc. and Grants to You. In 2012, Elaine founded Teaching Life Choices, Inc., a nonprofit devoted to captivating and engaging the minds of children to learn, have fun and make good life choices. To learn more, go to She is the author of a children’s book, Does Diabetes Mean You Die? And the middle-grade novel G-R-E-E-N-E.