In this solo episode, I’m reflecting on how welcoming a second baby relates to birthing a second book. Becoming a mom of two reminds me so much of the mindset that I talk through with my clients related to writing another book.

I delve into:

  • The parallels between a second baby and a second book.
  • Why you can expect to have mindset challenges when writing a second, third, or fourth book.
  • What to do when external pressures and critical voices in your head get louder when writing your next book.
  • My Steph Curry analogy to growing as a writer.
  • How we can lean into the creative process throughout the unknowns and even if we are afraid.
  • The truth of why it's never too late to invest in yourself and your writing.

I'm hoping that some of these insights that I've been gleaning during this time are useful for you, whether you are working on your first book, or your second, or your third or down the line!

And I’d love to share an exercise that all of my clients do when we begin working together. It's called Getting to Your Why. Send me an email at and I’ll send you the three-page downloadable PDF with some questions that you can journal about to really help you try to get to the why of your book.