In today’s episode, I am actually in the interviewee seat! Coach and author Emily Grabatin interviewed me for a series that she did on Instagram live and gave me permission to share our conversation with you.

We talked about how and when to get visible as a new author and she asked such insightful questions!

Listen in to hear:

  • Encouragement for you aspiring writers who’ve had a manuscript sitting on a shelf for years but haven't had the confidence to move forward with it.
  • How and where to talk about your book before it's written, afterwards, and when it's ready to be released.
  • Key visibility opportunities that you can easily take advantage of to get your book noticed.​​​​​​​​

I think you’ll find a lot of actionable gems in this episode!

About Emily:
Emily Grabatin infuses hope into dormant and God-called dreams. Through coaching, writing, and leadership, she helps individuals recognize who they are, uncover what makes them feel alive, and streamline their focus so they can flourish. She lives with her husband James and daughter near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Follow her on Instagram.

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